Attune..release..and let go

Attune..release..and let go

I find a very good way to raise your vibe is to attune to planetary vibrations. It helps you break free from negative vibrational patterns and to smooth things out, as was the case with me and my room mate. I invoked and connected to the energies of Sothis (Sirius A), Alcyone and Sol ( our Sun).

Connecting to this planets takes visualization and a sense of connection, and fully opening up to the stars (in my case) or planets, and letting them guide your experience. I coupled this with my vibrational music and a 15 minute meditation session with the planets breaks the negative problem I had with my roommate that have been recurring throughout the months I have roomed with him.

Planets themselves are alive. They also reminded me to do things from the heart, and not from the mind. To give, is to receive, it is only matter of when, not if. Do things to share them, and not measure the rewards you will get back when you give. Give from the heart, and you will receive much, much more than you can imagine. When you speak from the heart, you overcome all boundaries and simply just connect with people. You give to share, not to control anyone to follow you and become a sensationalist and feel joy over it, but we should feel joy instead that the person has awakened. We have to see the bigger picture if we truly want to change the world, once and for all.

Have a picture of a planet, or a meditation track attuning yourself to that planet that you wish to attune to, and ask that its frequencies reach you, and be fully open to the experience, not controlling it in any way. You would be surprised at how fast it breaks down barriers as well as catapulting your own progress, if you want them to.

I will make videos soon and place them on Youtube regarding planetary meditations. The reason my vibe has hit a ceiling for these past years is because I control too much of my reality. It’s time to let it flow fully and let the Universe guide me.

Attune, release, let go of control of your life, and flow swiftly, without resistance, and simply grow.

Much love,
Gilbert Faukes