The Heart and the Mind

The Heart and the Mind

To evolve both in all aspects, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I find that there must be a balance and having clear and distinct different ”job descriptions” between the mind and the heart.

The mind must be used to analyze things and be trained to be as sharp and objective as can possibly be, as without the use of intellect there is no medium for a person to objectively communicate his or her knowledge to another person. Without the mind, there is no assimilation taking place and no form of communication can be established, and the depth of knowledge can not be improved/ increased. The mind is the core of analysis to understand the construct of reality, after which with the knowledge the person has, can choose to assemble his reality in any way he or she likes. It is a tool to understand existing structures and how to manipulate/ change these structures by tapping into them for the benefit of self and others, solely depending on perspective.

The heart on the other hand, is ruled and opened by emotions, thoughts and feelings which together rule a human. It must be used when talking to people as this facilitates true conversation and communication to create a better world as well as peace.

However, communication to another human being is made up of 7% words and 93% body language, which encompasses emotion, thoughts, energy fields as well as the mind. To talk to people with only using the mind only encompasses the 7% of all range of communication, and that is why it fails. When we talk, each person has to see eye to eye with the other person, and to listen and communicate from the heart. The mind is analytical, cold and calculating. It is the heart that gives rise to emotion and communication and links all people within a conversation via intersecting biofields. Both heart and minds have biofields of their own, so if thoughts conflict with each other, say when 2 people are having an argument, the biofields conflict, as the intention set out is already conflicting, programming the biofield to be conflicting and to literally ‘poke’ the other person’s biofield, to harm the other person energetically. The main goal of communication should be to understand one another, and not as another process to flaunt the ego and dominate the conversation. By allowing the conversation to flow by others, you win their heart and their respect.

In a way, we can think of the heart as the master to exist and to give and both receive, and the mind as the tool to interpret and process reality.


To fully utilise both the mind and the heart, I would suggest switching focusing from the heart out when doing these activities:

All forms of Communication with another being
Information discernment (takes priority)
Self realization and self/soul searching
Attunation with higher beings/ star systems/ planets/ soul groups etc
Discernment of people

While you use the brain to deal with all matters that are cold, hard and calculative:

Reading articles/books to assimilate and process, remember information and knowledge
Dealing with money matters – be as cold, hard and calculative as you need to be to fully take charge of your daily affairs
When you are given a job/ assignment in the workplace
Academic studies

The heart and mind must work in tandem, albeit with different jobs, similar to a man and a woman, or relationships where one takes the role of a male and the partner takes the role of a female in the relationship. Things are as equal as they are simply because one cannot take on the job and role of another, and it is precisely because of this fact that both roles are equally important and cannot be ranked higher or lower than the other.