Between the dates of March 24, 2017 and May 20, 2017, we have done alpha testing by releasing Project Terra Hominus to a few select group of people on Facebook, as well as email. All testing that we have done is properly kept, and there are hyperlinks to the people who benefited from the project and have provided feedback. It is now a beta testing project, opened to all.

Here is some of the feedback that we have received.

Jeton Aybara Brogen

Day 1 – I have been listening to the music a lot. I feel the sound waves like they’re pushing me. They make my third eye chakra pulse and move. I got a good hour in yesterday. I’ve listened to a few songs this morning.

Day 3 – Some of these songs remind me of the Final Fantasy series. Also, my aural vision is coming back, and I can see the glow around everyone and on plants and animals. Everywhere actually. I keep seeing like wisps. Like glass in water. Even electronics.

Daniel DeSchryver

I would like different styles or music remade like this,I’m sure it’s possible however I did feel more awake in a relaxed way. Not long but it dosent take long for me to feel different or feel an effect from frequencies. 1/2 hr. I really enjoyed the Asian girls singing. lol

Jeanneane Kloss

I listened to those two Alan Walker tracks for many hours yesterday. I felt very joyful on the inside… Very joyful and expecting of good things.

Beth Schlaffman Crabb

I got so much done yesterday after listening.

Nadja Alispahic

I’ve listened for about an hr. Some songs wouldnt’ play for me at all. Strong body buzz head to toe with almost every song. Some songs were too much for me, wasn’t the energy itself, it was the genre of music i believe. Definitely will listen again while meditating, kept wanting to close my eyes and merge :). You are onto something here 😄, my bf was with me too, he said definitely body vibration. The way I’d describe my feeling was like standing in front of a giant sub woofer, i felt the waves of music everywhere. Densely packed waves extending about at least 10 feet :). Will update when i give it another go.

Thantos Poter

I could feel tingling in the side of my face to start with, then energy in my hands. I put my hands palm to palm and I could feel the energy as far away as I could reach them so about 1.3m. For today I have been listening to the tracks for about 2.5 hours. Normally, when I do energy practices, palm to palm I can only go about 300mm. Usually I can only meditate up to 45-50 minutes before I fall asleep, but I feel as if with the harmonic music on I can go on indefinitely. So far I have spent 20-30 hours listening to the retuned harmonic music in the folder.

Maggie Phillips

I was listening to your music all day yesterday, really loved, going to make a point of listening daily, thank you so much! I’ve been taking your advice and starting with the meditation for only short periods as my concentration is worse than a gnat, but when listening to your music at the same time I could physically feel my vibration raising!

Patricia Finlay
Thank you so much for high v music!!! it works so well!!! Im more in the flow of letting things unfold in my life…Im not worried about being stuck or blocked…more energy …sleeping better. I got good news about my nursing licence and I feel it removes blocks I will be listening daily!!!it feels like an energy sound bath for clearing
do you have a long track to play while sleeping? and a meditation one would be cool too!!

Tyriq Davis 

Awesome job on the music you uploaded. Not only is there a fine selection of artist and songs but they bring me tons of clarity! I’ve been using them to balance out my vibes and haven’t been having bad days 😀 I’ll feel my vibes drop go outside play some music relax and then I’m good haha

Andrea Hawes

This was amazing, thank you for the random first one I picked, thank you love I needed these, I cried in happiness.

Edward Visse

I have only listened to a few tracks in level 1 and 5. The first track I listened to I felt the music/vibrations like a wave coming over me. I felt it going much deeper into me than normal, much more in resonance.

Blair Bierman

My psychic energy is improving. Have been listening to the tracks for an hour or so, and my precognition is improving along with my remote viewing skill, as well as my mood.

Guillaume Gélinas

Your music leaves an energy signature, very useful and also heals much I think of what has to be healed and it was instantly acting in healing the area, it’s strong healing abilities was quite magical I should refer it I will
I have a few friends who could use it